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We offer our services to patients of all ages! Our practice strongly believes in building trust with our patients as young as one years old. Family First Dental wants to help Benton City’s smallest community members to its longest living. Whatever the case, the residents of Benton City can contact Family First Dental to get all the guidance they need!

Our office is located at a prime location in Benton City where we are easily accessible. We are honored to be offering Benton City dental services.

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Dental Procedures Offered near Benton City Washington By Family First Dental

  • Oral Hygiene Exams For Kids: OHC refers to an assessment which allows the dentist to see how healthy your child’s mouth is. This is the initial stage of any dentistry practice.
  • Counseling: Teaching children how to properly care for their mouth can be a daunting job. Dentists at Family First Dental have a counseling session with your child to aid in educating youth how to care for their mouths.
  • Cavity Treatment: Cavities are a very common problem for our young patients. A very experienced pediatric dentist at our clinic will help fix these problem teeth.
  • Dental Injury Treatment: In case your child undergoes an unfortunate accident and has damaged his teeth, we are happy to help. We have years of experience treating damage inflicted on teeth. In case a tooth is partially or fully broken the dentist will use fillings to cover the damaged area and make your child’s teeth look as good as new.
  • Diet Planning: After a visit with us, please consider the kind of diet your child consumes as it effects future visits. As your Benton City dentist, we will also provide a diet plan in case a surgery is needed to make the healing process as easy as possible.

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