Does the term “root canal” make your wince? While you’re not alone in your perception of root canals, you are also not validated. Far too many people believe the common misconceptions about root canal therapy. The truth is, root canals have been performed for decades. They are safe, painless and highly effective in terms of saving a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted due to decay or extensive damage. In fact, if you need a root canal, you are likely suffering from intense pain, and this procedure is designed to alleviate that pain.

Myth #1 Root Canals are Painful

The most unfortunate myth surrounding root canals is that they are painful. Root canals are actually no more uncomfortable than getting a dental filling. Today’s comfort technology, improved anesthetics and advanced techniques allow patients to undergo root canal therapy without added discomfort. Your root canal should, however, bring you out of the pain you are in from your infected tooth.

Myth #2 Root Canals “Kill” the Tooth

A root canal treats the inside of your tooth, which allows it to heal properly. It does involve removing the infected nerves and blood vessels in this inner chamber. Rest assured that these do not serve any functional purpose to your tooth. They are simply there as a warning mechanism to tell you when the tooth is in danger from decay, infection, inflammation or trauma. Therefore, root canals do not compromise the integrity of your tooth in any way.

Myth # 3 Root Canals May Cause Long-Term Tooth Sensitivity 

There are rare occasions that a root canal would cause lingering pain or sensitivity. In such cases, endodontic retreatment may be necessary. However, most root canal procedures only bring temporary and mild sensitivity the first few days after treatment.

Myth #4 It’s Better To Extract the Tooth 

Many people falsely assume that just having their ailing tooth removed is an easier and more affordable option than getting a root canal. This can be a big mistake. Saving your natural tooth is always better for your current and future oral health. In addition, if you have the tooth extracted, you’ll need to then consider a tooth replacement option. A missing tooth causes neighboring teeth to shift out of position and eventual jawbone loss if not replaced with a dental implant. Getting dental implants is more complicated and more costly than a routine root canal.

At Family First Dental, we take pride in our ability to deliver state-of-the-art dental care in the most comfortable and rewarding way. When it comes to pain from an infected tooth, we offer painless root canal therapy to save your smile. We welcome the opportunity to tell misinformed patients the truth about root canals.