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Right in the heart of Kennewick, our location is very convenient to get to. We are happy to be serving a family community where middle and high schools are just around the corner. Our staff has Kennewick pride and we are happy to be in a location where we can serve so many. So look no further for your Kennewick Dentist needs!

We take charge of protecting your natural teeth. Oral health is our top priority as your dentist Kennewick deserves. The dental solutions used at Family First Dental are gentle on your teeth, helping you regain a healthy smile. Our team at Family First Dental in Kennewick is passionate about building long-term connections by providing devoted care and services. So don’t hesitate to book an appointment at Family First Dental, Kennewick dentists you deserve. Call 509-578-5407.

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Our services stretch from basic cleaning or scaling to more extensive work. Our caring and compassionate team of dentists provide you with the best experience that we can. Thus, at Family First Dental, patient’s teeth are examined and given a treatment plan unique to you.

The goal for our team is helping our patients feel and look their best. Thus, with the growing advancements in science and research, our expert dentists are up to date with the best technologies and practices.

Together with our many years of experience as Kennewick, Wa., dentists, we have created a successful business. Dental services are just a call away. Call us at 509-578-5407 and book your appointment now! We would love to assist you in your oral health journey!

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Dedicated Staff:

It is our prime objective to attain healthy relationships with our patients at Family First Dental at our Kennewick location. As your Kennewick Dentist we will treat you with the utmost care and honesty, our staff chooses what is best for your natural teeth. We have gained our success by creating genuine relationships with our community members here in Kennewick. Hence, our staff will guide you regarding the required treatment with their honest experience and provide you with any further medical assistance that might help you. Book your first appointment, give us a call and let us give you relaxing expert treatment.

All-Inclusive Services:

At Family First Dental in Kennewick, we offer a wide range of services starting from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. We also provide services such as restorative dentistry, dental implants, treatment of TMJ disorders, orthodontics, periodontal care, sleep apnea treatment as well as pediatric dentistry. When you visit Family First dental on Kennewick, you will observe an environment where sincerity is given to the patients – each gets their individual attention and tailored treatment as per their need.


Services We Offer At Family First Dental in Kennewick:


How your teeth look or smell may indicate your oral health. There may be some abnormalities linked to your mouth, head, and neck that need to be examined through a visual oral inspection. At Family First Dental, our dentists use radiographs which are the perfect means of examination of the mouth, head and neck region.

By this method, doctors can easily detect the presence of any abnormal conditions around the gum and bone, problems in existing dental restorations or cavities. General dentistry at Family First Dental in Kennewick includes services like cleaning which removes plaque from the teeth, custom mouth guards, scaling and root planning, root canals, and wisdom tooth extractions. All the treatments are safe and provide guaranteed relief from pain.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Experienced dentists at Family First Dental use restorative procedures to enhance the appearance of the patient’s smile and maintain the overall oral health of the natural teeth. To avoid additional dental work on your teeth, our dentists recommend doing the recommended restorative treatments beforehand.

Our experts apply the biometric approach to reconstruct your teeth and give them a perfect look. The process is quite simple and one can undergo composite fillings, inlays and on lays, crowns, dental bridges, implant restorations, and dentures. We hold expertise in eliminating your insecurities and giving you more confidence. You are just a call away to book your appointment for the best smile ever!

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