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We pride ourselves on the central location of our office as we want to help all families in the Kennewick, Pasco, Finley, and Burbank areas. Family First Dental is proud to serve families in this close-knit community. We always accept new patients and are happy to be your Pasco WA dentist.

We enjoy living and working in Kennewick and its surrounding areas. Thus our greatest reward is having satisfied families come to our clinic. We are happy to serve and listen to the needs of our fellow community members and be the dentist Pasco, WA needs.  Let us look after your oral health.

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We believe in giving patients respect, kindness and compassion at Family First Dental. Our staff at our pasco location are highly skilled and excel in providing the best dental services. No matter your teeth issues big or small we want to earn your trust. We care for our Pasco, Finley, and Burbank citizens.

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Are you looking for a dentist in Pasco, Washington? To choose a dental clinic wisely, one looks for the dentists whose approach is to improve or maintain your smile. Dentists at Family First are trained professionals who have years of expertise to use restorative or cosmetic dentistry to bring back the pristine look of your teeth. Each of the services provided here is by our exceptionally trained staff. We work hard to invite a comfortable and relaxed environment at our Pasco location.

All-Encompassing Services:

The dental needs of patients are always increasing. Taking this into account, our staff uses efficiency and modern technology. We understand the stress of dealing with difficult teeth. Family First Dental services are for all ages and extend from teeth whitening to dental implants and restorative dentistry. Book your appointment now at Family First Dental!

Our Services at Family First Dental at our pasco locations include

  • Orthodontics

After having 25 years of professional experience in orthodontics, our experts have come up with new and easier techniques to help our patients, regardless of age to consider straitening their teeth. Irregular alignment of teeth can be a big hurdle to maintain hygiene of teeth and gums. At Family First Dental you won’t see the old, expensive and uncomfortable metal brackets and wires. Thanks to the advancement in dental technology, this enables the patients to have comfortable and painless treatments. Family First dental in Kennewick is proud to provide the best orthodontic services to the patients in need of repositioning of their teeth.

  • Sedation Dentistry

Our valuable services include sedation dentistry in which the patients get their root canal, scaling, implants, crowns, extractions, and fillings did in the most relaxed and comforting environment. Nitrous oxide, safe laughing gas or oral conscious sedation are provided to our patients if they choose. Now you don’t need to fear your dental visits, we have a solution for everyone!

  • Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is at Family First Dental.  Starting from the child’s first teeth to maintaining the space for their permanent teeth, keeping a check on these technicalities is what our expert dentists care about the most. Thus, the initial stage of the teeth may decide your future teeth’s destiny. That’s why our dentists use oral assessment and dental x-rays to diagnose any sort of teeth related issues like extra teeth, decay, tumors, bone defects, and cysts.

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Our staff ensures that your journey towards a great smile will be successful here. At Family First Dental, we characterize great dental services in aspects of individual attention and professional expertise. Now give a toothy smile and take the first step, call us to book an appointment with Family First Dental now! We are here to help in making you feel confident about your teeth! We work with many different insurance companies to provide dental care to our Kennewick, Pasco, Burbank, and Finley patients.

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