Orthodontics is a specialized type of dentistry that helps to straighten teeth and align bite patterns. Straightening your teeth doesn’t just look good, it can improve your oral hygiene, making it easier to clean in between your teeth. Wire or metal braces are the first thing that springs to mind when talking about teeth straightening, but these options can be not ideal, especially to adults.

This can put many people off the idea of fixing their teeth altogether.  At Family First Dental, we can offer you discreet and comfortable alternatives, so whether you have an overbite, underbite, gaps or overcrowding our range of aligners can set you on the path to a straighter smile. 


Invisalign offers a clear alternative to traditional braces for all age groups. As the name suggests it offers an “invisible” way to straighten moderate misalignment and improve oral health. Invisalign uses BPA-free, clear plastic to create custom aligners that will gently move and realign your teeth. Family First Dental will require you to change your aligners out approximately every 2 weeks to continually adjust the alignment process. Another positive of Invisalign is that there are no dietary restrictions, you can simply take out your aligners when eating and pop them back in when you’re done!

Invisalign is not just a great option for adults, Invisalign Teen offers teenagers the alternative to metal braces that can make them feel anxious about their appearance. Just like Invisalign, there are no special procedures to follow when using them, they can be removed whenever, wherever. Perfect for the teen on the go!


ClearCorrect is another great alternative for teeth straightening and offers a clear, discreet and comfortable solution to teeth straightening. ClearCorrect offers three possible treatment plans depending on the severity of the issue and can be a great budget-friendly option for moderate realignment. The custom fit aligner can be removed for eating and offer a hassle-free solution to traditional braces. To get a consultation and assess what teeth straightening method is best for you, call your local Family First Dental office in Richland, WA and make an appointment today.

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