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Bleeding or receding gums are a sure sign of gum disease. An estimated half of all adults over thirty years of age have some level of gum disease, or periodontitis. Maintaining optimal oral health begins with caring for your gums. Family First Dental provides excellent general dentistry treatment for bleeding or receding gums that can protect your teeth, gums and overall health from the effects of this all-too-common oral health condition.

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and has also been linked to stroke, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, pregnancy issues and other serious health concerns. Therefore, bleeding and/or receding gums are not a condition to ignore. If allowed to continue, the bacteria responsible for gum disease can enter the bloodstream and cause health issues in other areas of the body. By treating this disease in its early stages, it can be stopped and your bleeding or receding gums can be reversed.

Symptoms and Causes of Bleeding/Receding Gums

Bleeding and/or receding gums are a sign that tartar has built up along the teeth at the gum line and the gums have become inflamed. This tartar begins as plaque which is a sticky film that covers your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing at home can remove plaque, but not in hard-to-reach areas. Once it hardens it irritates the gums, causing them to bleed and recede away from the teeth. This, in turn, allows more bacteria to enter the lower areas of the teeth and even the tooth roots.

Swollen, red and bleeding gums are the first sign of gum disease. The gums usually become tender when brushing or eating crunchy foods. If left untreated, the gums recede away from the teeth and cause pockets that hold food particles and bacteria that are almost impossible to clean away with home oral care.

The treatment for gum disease requires deep, thorough cleaning between the gums and teeth. A special mouthwash or other medications may be prescribed to combat the infection and assist the gums with healing. At Family First Dental, our dentist and hygienist work diligently with our patients that have bleeding or receding gums to ascertain the best treatment plan possible to ensure their gum and overall oral health.

If you have bleeding or receding gums or believe you may have gum disease, contact Family First Dental today to schedule a checkup and cleaning. As a practice that has upheld a “Tri-Cities Tradition of Trusted Care” for more than 25 years, Family First Dental is committed to your excellent oral health.

At Family First Dental, we are equipped to treat all stages of gum disease. Your therapy may involve simple changes to your personal hygiene efforts at home or come in for a professional deep cleaning. However, in situations of severe gum disease, gum surgery may be necessary. Our dentists will evaluate and monitor your gum health and advise you of any surgeries or treatments that may be beneficial to the long-term health of your teeth and gums. Often, these procedures can be completed with comfort and convenience at Family First Dental.

Gum Grafting

A procedure known as gum grafting is commonly used to treat root exposure resulting from receded gum tissue. The tissue is removed from the roof of the mouth or from gum tissue near the tooth and stitched into the area needing gingival repair.

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Dental Lasers

Our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser changes the way we think about certain dental procedures! In addition to opening up many new treatments, the laser can also reduce the treatment time, bleeding, pain and the need for stitches for certain gum surgeries.

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