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(North Richland Dental) is now under a New Management, however we still have the same family atmosphere! Family First Dental purchased the North Richland Dental Clinic. Stop in and see some of the faces you’ve grown to love and meet our new doctor.

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Apart from all the functions teeth perform like chewing food, they are a very important part of one’s appearance. It is always advised by the dentist to maintain an appropriate level of oral hygiene in order to avoid any teeth related complications. Generally brushing your teeth twice a day along with flossing can help keep you healthy. However, even after taking great care of your teeth, the chance of teeth related diseases is still possible.

Do you face any oral problems like a toothache or gum disease? If yes, then check out our Family First Dental office in Richland Washington where you can find experienced dentists to help with all your dental needs. Whether it’s a minor toothache or a cosmetic problem, feel free to contact your Richland dentist. Dental problems must be taken seriously!

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List Of Common Dental Issues We Observe In Richland


Cavities are one of the most common problems that we receive at our Richland office. Cavities are not temporary and they take time to fully inflict damage on your teeth. One gets a cavity when there is food particles that get stuck in the gaps present between your teeth.

If the food stays there for a long period of time then you may start to feel pain in your affected tooth and eventually it’ll rot. Crowns, fillings and root canals can be used to replace or repair the teeth that are damaged. Come to Family First Dental in Richland and get your cavities cured before it’s too late.


Family First Dental takes immense pride in curing all sorts of gum diseases. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease and some common symptoms of it are swollen gums, bleeding from gums and slight irritation in the gums. The main reason behind this is the formation of plague on your gums.

If you skip brushing on a regular basis then you are more likely to get this disease. To avoid it, we advise brushing your teeth at least twice daily and floss regularly.


This is a much advanced form of Gingivitis. If the initial gum disease is not treated on time then gradually it will turn into Periodontitis. This gum disease is much more painful and unlike its early stages, it can result in permanent damage of your gums and teeth. Some symptoms of Periodontitis are extreme swelling of gums, dark red shade of gums, bad breath, loss of taste and even loss of bone mass in your mouth.

However, you don’t need to think of this disease as the end of your beautiful smile! Visit Family First Dental, Richland dentists that make a difference.

Dental Services At Family First Dental In Richland


Family First Dental brings you state of the art dentures that can help you cover up for loss of a single or multiple teeth. Whether the reason for tooth loss is bone decay, gum disease or any accident, dentures can help you bring back your long lost smile.

Dentures are basically removable appliances to fill up the gaps left by fallen teeth. Using dentures makes your eating methods more comfortable and it also prevents any slur in your speech. Moreover, when a tooth falls off, its surrounding muscles sag making you look older. Dentures can work like magic in bringing a youthful smile. Get your set of dentures today from our dental clinic in Richland.


If you have lost your confidence because of a missing tooth or don’t want to wear traditional dentures or braces, then getting dental implants can be an option for you. Here at our clinic in Richland, you can find dentists that specialize in dental implantation.

The process includes the installation of posts in the roots of missing teeth which acts as an anchor for the implants. Then implants made out of titanium or similar materials are installed which blend in with your teeth. They work exactly like a natural tooth and also are hardly detectable. This method can be more costly than other restoration methods however, Family First Dental will work with our patients in creating payment plans


If you are aware of dental orthodontic treatments then you might know of the term “bad bite”. It refers to the scenario where your teeth might be perfectly aligned but still the upper and lower teeth don’t meet. This can be a result of crooked or misaligned teeth.

For such cases our Richland based dentists suggest getting braces. Braces are installed for a certain amount of time depending upon the severity of the patient’s mouth. Gradually the braces apply gentle force on your teeth to align them into an ideal position over time. However, regular visits to adjust the braces will be required throughout the treatment plan. Braces can be worn by people of all ages but the age of 8 to 14 is preferred because it helps produce optimal results

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If you are looking for an experienced caring dentist, come and visit us so we can cater to all your dental needs! We have developed a strong relationship among the people living in Richland due to our uncompromising work ethics.

Family First Dental brings you the best dentists who are well-practiced and well-experienced in the field of orthodontics. We have been involved in dentistry for more than two decades delivering the finest quality services to our customers.

Moreover, the customer reviews that we receive are overwhelming as people never regret working with our staff

No matter your age or how severe your dental condition is, we will always find the right solution for you based on our experience and variety of dental services. If you live in Richland then what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us at our office in Richland and let us fulfill all your dental needs.

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